Pinapple Powder

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Pinapple Powder

(Ananas comosus)

It’s been a while that pineapple is one of the most common fruits on tables of populations from tropical and subtropical countries, attracted by its taste, smell and for being refreshing. But the fruit is also very used by food and pharmacological industry, mainly due to a protein enzyme, bromelain, which has a high economic value and brings several health benefits.

This is a digestive enzyme with functions to clean the lungs from mucus and catarrh, in addition to have a natural anti-inflammatory effect and to act in the stomach, facilitating the best use of the nutrients and speeding up the digestion.

The pineapple is also rich in vitamins A, B1 and C, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron and food fibers, making it essential for those who want to keep a healthy diet. The presence of bromelain makes the pineapple and important agent in gastrointestinal diseases. But it is also a great ally in treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, flus and colds and also helps bone strengthening.

Very versatile, in addition to be present in gastronomy, in sweet and salty plates, the pineapple can also be found in the composition of drugs, food supplements, dyes, essences, scents and so forth.